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Nana's Nook – Page 350 – Life at Lutheran Lake & Beyond

Welcome Home J&A

Cookies are baking in the kitchen … not mine … Whit’s (cookies, that is … not kitchen).  Ua & A just walked in and the dogs are crazy!  More later, i’m busy.  Enola’s sweet, as usual … she’s in the kitchen, too.

eliza’s out visiting great grandpa rockhill

(name of Steph's twin site)
Once again, Steph and i unknowingly chose the same color to wear ... it's a twin thing.


Hello mom!

If you are up for the challenge and the change, here is a new blog for you.  i can get you the password and such, should you like.  And here’s the first post for you … a picture of us and our first Christmas tree!  Enjoy!

Christ’s Love,

JA Christmas Tree