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II corinthians 5:7          for we walk by faith, not by sight

one of the gifts steph gave me for christmas was a box of scripture tea……………..

boy this is an appropriate verse for the day, sitting here thinking of shel, james and eliza, and having a break down!

i knew it was coming! hard to see the keyboard through the tears:)

just got done composing an email to james and it brought back all the feeling i had when UA left the first time for africa…………. will i see him again, will he be ok, is he safe, the things just going through my head and satan trying to creep in..finally i knew…….i knew what i had to do…………..just put him in God’ s hands and let HIM take care of him, and that is what i did, and let me tell you, after submitting, i had such a peace about what UA was about to experience and knowing he was going over there to be HIS servant, made me put things in perspective and in the end it is all  God’s plan.

james serving our country, taking shel and eliza with him, has got me back to thinking the same thoughts i had when UA left, scared, uncertainty, so many questions flood my mind and once again i know what i have to do!

“God they are yours”      there, i said it!

it doesn’t make it easy, of course i will be sad at times, but the way shel is with her journaling, like a friend of mine said to me “i have never even seen eliza and i feel like i know her, and am watching her grow up”….hoping that will make the time go quick

that will help the days pass, hopefully they get a couple of leaves and maybe just maybe mike and i can use our passports:)

God’s Peace


your post and thoughts make me wonder and probably know what my mom went thru when I took off for eastern europe.
I say probably know, because of after all the warnings I gave everyone about how much weight I was losing over there….no one prepared me for how much weight she was losing and how grey her hair turned over worrying about me all year. we were both surprised at our reunion.
and the journaling…..
that is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE blessing….cause mom and I did it with no internet, no email, and only occasional hand written letters which had to be smuggled out of the country. I’ll take this 21st century facebook/twitter/blog/emailin’ world anyday over that one!!!!

hang in there, dear sister-in-law!

love, n

o.k. so now i sit here crying after reading both of your words. for verna for the lost time coming and for aunt helen. wondering, did she have someone to confide in? i know i wasn’t realizing her loss of time w/ her daughter. remember we can always grasp the hem of our best friend 🙂

Mom V…you really are such an inspiration and a source of comfort. Even though you are going through your own situations your words give me strength and faith to face mine. I just wanted to tell you that. I’m praying for you guys…hopefully you will get to go to Korea that would be a trip of a lifetime! Love Always!

thank you guys, i guess it just hit me! people have been asking how are you?
and i’ve been ok, just knowing they are going to be together and that is what is the most important thing…. that they have each other where ever they are. i hadn’t stopped and really taken it in, til this morning and i guess in a weak moment the flood of tears started, of course mike had his usual words of wisdom, like always:) he has always been able to calm me, and make me accept things just the way they are:)

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