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THIS IS THE LIFE! – Nana's Nook


it’s been snowing down here all day, the plows just went by again. …are there such things as……… the lazy days of winter???? cause i just experienced the best one:)

woke up to my coffee made for me……………just like every day:)

about 5 pm……i took my “morning” shower and got into a clean pair of flannel pj’s:)

i love my honey’s sense of humor:) he just came down from upstairs where he has been on the computer all day and said “honey i’m home! and safe”…to which i replied “that staircase can be pretty dangerous, i am glad you made it safe”

hope you are all staying warm and able to enjoy ………………….the lazy, snowy days of winter!

2 replies on “THIS IS THE LIFE!”

i wouldn’t know what you are talking about. i trudged thru 6″ of snow to get mom to the doctor. her walker is NO fun in the snow, especially when the wheels (all 4 of them) drag a bunch of snow in my car 🙁

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