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someone from my past – Nana's Nook

someone from my past

One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet
ceaselessly pull away from it.

Gaston Bachelard

we had lunch yesterday up in st. john at northwoods with a friend from the past:)

we brought my mom with to see her, i couldn’t even make it look like her! and she said “oh, i would know you two right away!”


she had not seen her in 42 years! we caught up on her life and her on ours, steph had been in touch over facebook so they had been talking for a bit and decided they wanted to all get together……it was very fun and insightful to talk with someone from your past……far past!

christine gall was a girl that grew up on our block in evergreen just down about 4 houses from us. her mom ruth was eddies godmother! it was so wierd to hear her keep saying “eddie”, she brought more pictures of eddie… she had mailed me some earlier. she is alone now, her mom, dad and brother bill have all gone on before her…. so sad to think bill died at such a young age, he was chris’ age, i’m pretty sure.

we decided we want to get together again and i am sure we will!

thanks christine for the great memories


notice mom has a cane and not her walker!

oh i and i was going to mention, her house was the one we ran down to and went in the basement, when the tornado hit in 1967………………(our house didn’t have a basement)

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